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Tablet&Capsule auto inspection machine is the highly sophisticated equipment that automatically detects external defects both on Tablets&Capsules. The sleek design of this highly efficient machine enables easy&precise inspection per various shapes, colors, size of products only with simple setting and minimized structure change.
It delivers same inspection quality as that respective detection of tablets and capsules defects through the system setting and applying the best algorithm as well without structural change or complicated settings.


Inspection Function Applicable
– Tablet : Uncoated, Film-coated, Sugar-coated, etc
– Capsule : Hard capsule, etc
SELMA 100 Length : 5~21mm
Width(dia) : 5-12mm
Height : 2~8mm
SELMA 200 Length : 4~23mm
Width(dia) : 4-16mm
Height : 2~8mm
– Tablet : Spot, Scratch, Crack, Chip, Foreign particle, Miss print, Poor mark, Different color, Dirt, Depth error, Bad coating, etc
– Capsule : Spot on body, Joint defect, Hole on cap, Empty capsule, Dent, Missing letter, Spot on corner, etc
Inspection accuracy Camera resolution / 25㎛ applied
Machinary Part Camera


T-type 2D : 14 Nos. & 3D : 2 Nos.
C-type 2D : 15 Nos.
H-type 2D : 15 Nos. & 3D : 2 Nos.
220V/400V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air(dry)  5~8 bar
Environment Material SUS304, SUS316, UPE
Pneumatic pressure  ≥0.35MPa
 10~30°C / 30~70%



Double inspection by 3D camera(2 Nos.) & 2D color camera(2 Nos.)



3D camera Inspection

2D image is hard to check the depth-defect such as engraving error, poor coating on surface.
3D image can accurately check the depth-defect by laser scanning.






Powder Volume

IR camera(1 No.) scans through inside of capsule,
calculates the powder volume percent(%)
(Able to inspect the black color capsule)


Corner spot

Spot 3 layer tablet

Chipped edge coating

Dark line

Missing letter

Chipped top coating

Spot in engraving

Chipped edge

Broken top surface

Chipped engraving


Broken edge


Stained in engraving

Chipped top coating

Spot on side


Abnormal shape


Spot on split line


Crack on side

Stained engraving

Chipped in engraving


Spot on body

Joint defect

Hole on cap

Empty capsule



Missing letter

Spot on cap

Spot on body

Hole on body

Hole on body


Missing letter

Joint defect

Spot on corner

Item Contents
Surface Spot, Stain, Broken, Chipped, Discolor, Float coating, etc
Printing Missing letters, Blurred letters, Scratches, Non printing
Engraving Sticking, Different kinds of engraving, Double engraving, etc
2D Camera Over 40㎛ spot and stain
3D Camera Over 40㎛ depth difference,
Over 60㎛ surface defects

Item Contents
Inspection item Surface stain, Defective color, Discolor, Color difference, Spot, A small piece spot, Printing stain, Printing spread, Printing letter error, Dent, Tear, Empty capsule, etc
2D Camera Over 50㎛ spot & stain

Step 1 : Set a standard image with tablet/capsule features such as shape, print, engraving, color, etc
Step 2 : Match the standard image with real tablet/capsule image to pick out defects



Recognize the engraving as “Shape” not pixel size.




Able to adjust the inspect standard(defect size/location/brightness etc) by defect type(spot/crack/discolor etc)

1. Original Image

2. Set Defect Area

3. Set Inspection Area


  • 원터치 탈착구조
  • 분해시 공구 불필요
  • 손이 닿기 힘든 틈새 제거
  • 모든 클리닝 파트가 물세척 가능
  • 클리닝 파트 구조의 단순
  • 광학부는 밀폐형 구조로 설계되어 분리 불필요
  • 분해 3분/ 조립 5분
  • 실시간 분진 제거


New Tablet / Capsule Setup : 30 mins

Registered Tablet / Capsule Setup : 5 mins


Open structure prevents the jam during sorting.

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